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Online Resources for Biblical and Religious Work

resources and reflections for worship planners and leaders

The Text this Week
Lectionary, Scripture Study, Worship Links and Resources

Bible Gateway
Search the Bible in Nine Languages and eight different Bible Versions. You can look up verses or chapters by reference or by word search.

Bible Study Tools
All kinds of Bible Study tools, from concordances to Bible dictionaries to commentaries to translations to interlinear Bibles and lexicons and much more.

World Wide Study Bible

Bible History Online Images and Resources for Biblical History
A wide range of pointers and information on the history of Biblical times and places and surrounding nations - from coins to art to customs and many other areas.

Bible Word Search
Enter any word and get a list of links to Bible passages including that word.

Virtual Bible Museum
Take a tour through this "museum of the history of the Bible".

The Catholic Encyclopedia
A major religious encyclopedia, though rather old.

Programs and Organizations we are Connected to

Canadian Mennonite
Live for Peace
Menno Link
Mennonite Central Committee
Mennonite Church Canada
Mennonite Church Saskatchewan
Mennonite Connections on the Web
Mennonite Disaster Service
Mennonite Genealogical Resources
Mennonite Historical Society of Canada
Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan
Mennonite Media
Mennonite Voluntary Service
Saskatchewan Mennonite Youth Organization
Ten Thousand Villages
Third Way Cafe
Truth and Reconcilation

Camps we are Connected to

Youth Farm Bible Camp
Shekinah Retreat Centre

Camp Elim

Schools we are Connected to

Rosthern Junior College
Canadian Mennonite University
Columbia Bible College
Bethany College
Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary


Zoar Church Resources

Are you Paying Attention? - A sermon given by Val Wiebe late fall 2013. Wonderful insight into living with Attention Deficite and how it might be relavent to Peter. - click here to read.

Library and Featured Books
New books arrive every 6 weeks from MC Canada CommonWord Bookstore for us to read.

Zoar Church Documents

Behavioral Covenant