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Sunday School for all ages -
Sept to May @ 11am
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Youth Program
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Homemaker's Fellowship
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First Ladies Aid
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A little about Zoar

If you are looking for a place to worship, we invite you to consider making Zoar Mennonite Church a part of your week.

Sunday Services @ 10 am followed by a time of fellowship and coffee.
Sunday School @ 11 am for all ages

Facilities include a pleasant nursery, wheelchair accessibility and a large library with a variety of books and videos for all ages.

A Brief History

Historical Gallery of Pictures - coming

Zoar Mennonite Church came into being when Rev. Nicholas F. Toews from Mountain Lake, Minnesota felt the call to settle in the Langham district and form a church. The first organizational meeting was held on November 20, 1910 and a continuation of this meeting took place on December 4, when the decision was made to organize a church. The original building was constructed in 1911. In 1943 a renovation project was undertaken which added a choir loft and south door entrance. When the sister church, Bethesda, was disbanded in 1948, many of its members joined the Zoar congregation. This increase necessitated a further renovation in 1954 to provide six permanent Sunday school classrooms and a library in the basement. A church manse was also constructed in 1952. In 1974 an addition was constructed on the west side of the church, with the dedication service being held on January 19, 1975. Throughout its history, Zoar Mennonite has had salaried ministers. A constitution was drafted in 1960 for the Jubilee year. Zoar joined the General Conference Mennonite Church in 1914 and extended an invitation to host the annual conference in Langham in July 1917. The annual conference was again hosted in 1923. In October, 1967 Zoar hosted the Conference of Mennonites of Saskatchewan and in November, 1984 the Mennonite Central Committee Saskatchewan 20th anniversary celebrations. Following are some highlights which we have experienced at Zoar Mennonite since 1985 when the 75th anniversary book "Our Heritage, Our Treasure" was published. Over the last 30 years, providing sponsorship for refugees (sometimes alone and sometimes with other churches) has been an important part of the life of Zoar Mennonite. Involvement began in 1979 when a group of Southeast Asian refugees received sponsorship. A total of 19 members of the extended Phuc Duong family received sponsorship by October, 1980. Other sponsorships include Regina Delgado and her 4 children from Nicaragua who arrived on December 5, 1990; Jose Francisco Moran and Maria Moran Gossman from Guatamala in May, 1993; their daughter Claudia in April, 1995; the Cosic family from Bosnia in 2000; and six members of the Bohorquez and Buitrago families from Colombia in 2008. From 1993 to 1996 Zoar Mennonite participated in the Living in Faithful Evangelism (LIFE) program, a process combining prayer, study, planning and action to enable us to fulfill the Great Commission. Early in this process a number of members felt called to begin involvement in small groups. Since that time there have been several groups meeting on a regular basis. In 1986 the first Youth Worker was hired and Zoar continued to have a Youth Pastor until 1996. Girls' Clubs (formed in 1966) and Boys' Clubs (formed in 1968) continued until 2005. A regular Sunday school program was organized in 1911 and continues to the present day. Ladies' groups have always been a part of Zoar Mennonite, with the First Ladies Aid being organized shortly after the founding of the church. It continues to the present day. The South Ladies Aid was officially organized in 1942, although women had been meeting together since 1917. The name was changed to Goodwill Ladies Aid in 1967 and was disbanded in October 1996. The Homemakers' Fellowship was organized in 1968 by a group of younger ladies. It continues to the present day with some of the original women still attending. Music has played an important role at Zoar Mennonite, with many choirs, quartets, trios, duets and solos bringing special music. A "Music Team" assisted the congregation in praise and worship from 1993 to 2000. Although we now have special music by choirs or groups only occasionally, visitors often comment on the enthusiastic congregational singing. Zoar Mennonite, grounded in its rich story, built on the foundation of Jesus its Lord, is now catching new winds of the spirit, to be reborn in new ways. We are embracing a new time in a familiar place to be the beloved people of God, a light in our world.

Pastoral History since 1910

Rev. Nicholas F. Toews
Rev. Henry Wiebe
Rev. John G. Rempel
Rev. Wm. S. Buhr
Rev. J. J. Nickel
Rev. G. Zacharias

Rev. Hans Dyck
Rev. Henry Wiens
1954-65, 1986-87
Rev. Jacob Rempel
Rev. David Friesen
Rev. Ruben Siemens
Rev. Ray Wahl

Rev. John Friesen
Rev. Abe Bergen
Rev. Garry Janzen
Rev. Herman Wiebe
Henry Block
Abe Buhler